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Have a listen to The Fight Team Podcast while a multiple times BJJ World & Panamerican Masters Champion / MMA Coach and other martial artists have a judgment-free discussion on the hidden aspects as well as the latest trends in the martial arts world today. A lot of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more!

Created by Luigi Mondelli 

Apr 15, 2016

Join this conversation between 3 martial arts masters talking about the reality of self-defense training, how to teach kids and the differences between sports BJJ vs BJJ for the streets.

Our special guest, Walt Lysak, is the founder of the R.M.A. (Reality Martial Arts) system. In this episode, he explains the mindset, the training, and the reality involved in a real-life situation where you would have to use whatever you know to protect your life and the lives of your beloved ones!

Featured in this episode Luigi Mondelli, Richard Grant, and Walt Lysak