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Have a listen to The Fight Team Podcast while a multiple times BJJ World & Panamerican Masters Champion / MMA Coach and other martial artists have a judgment-free discussion on the hidden aspects as well as the latest trends in the martial arts world today. A lot of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more!

Created by Luigi Mondelli 

Dec 12, 2016

Join us on our conversation with Jeff Hughes from Austin, TX, a very accomplished Martial Artist, Master in Seven Star Praying Mantis Gung Fu, Black Belt in Hawaiian Kempo under John Hackleman, and BJJ Brown Belt under Luigi Mondelli.

Mr. Hughes talked to us about his newest Martial Arts Method called Iron Mantis, a...

Dec 1, 2016

Join us on our conversation with the fantastic Gezary Matuda.

The 6x World Champion sits down for a conversation with The Fight Team Podcast guys to have a very enlightening and candid chat about what it's like to be a woman in a male dominated sport, what it is like to overcome the doubts of an early coach, and rise to...

Nov 11, 2016

In this Episode we were joined by Richard McKeegan, founder of Black Belts for Butterflies.

Blackbelts for Butterflies is devoted to promoting awareness and acceptance for autism through education and positive impact, to create change by supporting grass roots autism programs across the nation. 

We heard what motivated...

Oct 17, 2016

In this episode, we were joined by Michelle Ingels and Paulina Indara from Perfecting Athletes. We have received some questions from our listeners regarding nutrition, diets, etc. 

In this quick Q&A we learned more about the issues with the "flavor of the month" diets, what is gluten, etc. Real valuable information for...

Sep 23, 2016

Join us in our conversation about BJJ Old School, or how many people now refer as the Fundamentals Game, and the new school.

We have been at the IBJJF Worlds Masters and we formulated some opinions and analysis on how the more experienced black belts have been competing.

In this episode, we were also Live on Facebook...